In 1929 Hughes Brothers’ engineering department pioneered the first practical wood x-brace.  That innovation is still the industry standard for wood framed structures.  Since that time innovations such as forged tees, steel trusses and pole bands have made their way from custom design to industry wide use.

Our drawing files contain over 90,000 separate sales items, over 900,000 distinct parts and span all the way back to HB’s inception.  Many have been redrawn from the original vellum or sepia prints to computer drawings and all new designs are drawn electronically. This massive storehouse of information is backed up and stored off-site on a regular basis.

The engineering department does much more than design.  Our engineers make sales and design calls with our utility customers, attend various trade shows and are involved with nearly every applicable industry association tasked with writing and maintaining the standards for the entire electric utility industry.  ASCE, IEEE, AWPA, ANSI, WWPI, RMEL are just a few of the acronyms for associations and standards we devote our time and effort towards.

HB’s testing services are known throughout the industry.  We have the capability of mechanically testing to failure the smallest bolt in a component, up to full-scale transmission structures designed to hold loads from conductors carrying 345,000 volts.

The current engineering staff has over 125 years of experience in the design and manufacture of utility products.  Four engineers, three of whom are licensed professional engineers work alongside the sales and manufacturing teams on a daily basis.

Just as it says in our catalog, “For further information, contact the HB engineering department.”