HB managed their explosive growth for decades—honing their strengths and developing processes to carry them into the next phase of T&D. As the business matured, HB explored opportunities to expand their offering to better serve customers. In 1984, HB purchased a part of the Shakespeare Company, a leading competitor. This partial acquisition allowed HB to offer fiberglass distribution products—a smaller sub-segment in T&D that had grown in popularity since the 1960s. Durability, strength, flexibility and corrosive resistance made it an ideal material for customers requiring custom fabrication to meet specific standards. Expanding the range of options available to clients helped HB show their ongoing commitment to delivering custom-engineered products.

VP of Sales, Tim Hughes describes this strategy of growth as a form of innovation, “Innovation is the way we keep working to bring customers what they want.”

This drive to meet market demands lead HB to grow even further in 1993 by applying their newest technology to the needs of many customers. The Aslan FRP line of products takes all of benefits of fiberglass and applies it to other structures developed by HB’s customer base and new customers. FRP rebar—the hybrid material HB delivers is a non-metallic material used to reinforce concrete and masonry structures.

True to form, HB helped build the infrastructure supporting the application of this new product by working to develop global design guidelines, test methods and standards. To help industry players understand the application of this new product, HB participated in the efforts of the FRP Rebar Manufacturers Council. Today, HB’s Aslan FRP can be found everywhere from University of Miami’s campus to Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct tunnel and around the world.

Miami Metro Rail, Miami Airport. Photo taken in 2011.


That the products and technology that were used to developed the Aslan FRP line have grown into various other product lines that have revolutionized building construction and modernization. Fiberglass Rebar is ideal for structural strengthening, load-transfer and insulated wall panels. To learn more, go to the “Products” page, and click on “Aslan FRP”.